Free to be you!

BeYou is not just a hotel, but a concept of hospitality turned into a unique holiday experience, a unique stay, personal to every one of our guests.

A BeYou holiday is
a holiday designed just for you, tailored on your needs to make you enjoy your freedom!

Our values

We strongly believe everyone is unique and different from anyone else and the uniqueness of each one is something to be cherished. How? Making you be free to be yourself: follow your own rhythms, times and preferences! For us the best way to welcome you is to care for your freedom!

Our mission

We aim at providing each one of our guests with perfect bespoke services, as to make everyone feel unique and free. We want you to come and live an experience following your own style, no matter if you are a family, a holidaymaker, or a remote worker: we offer you a chilled and positive ambiance, where you can feel happy and pleased every day.

Our hospitality expertise

Hospitality has been in our genes for 3 generations. Younique philosophy stems from the attention developed over the years towards our guests by people who have always been working in the industry and who turned hospitality into a true philosophy of living.
We are not here to serve you but to listen to you and fulfil all your wishes.